Welcome aboard the 16th Watch!

Personnel on the International Space Station saw Sixteen Sunrises each day and the term “going on the Sixteenth Watch” by NASA and US Military Personnel serving in space was born. Now a nickname for all US Military Space Operations the Sixteenth Watch is led by the United States Coast Guard as the congressional choice for all Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, and Navigation Aids of the US Government in outer space.

Vice Admiral Jane Oliver, Commander of the US Coast Guard’s Space Area is also known as the Commander of US Space Operations and coordinates all operations by government agencies in space including the Department of Defense. The USCG Space Area is broken into two Districts based on Luna (Earth’s Moon) as District 20 and Mars as District 21. As of now the two districts, unlike others in the USCG have no sectors assigned as the agency continues to build up and fill out the chain of command only as necessary.

Our story takes place in the year of 2081 and focuses on the USCGC Diligent a brand new Virtue-Class cutter assigned to the Space Area and homeported at Perry Crateron Luna. Join the crew of the US Coast Guard Cutter Diligent as they deal with the every changing face of politics on Earth and in Outer Space with tensions already high between the US and China the new United Russian Block States are all competing for territory both on the Moon and the newly colonized Mars.

Diligent will be tasked with major Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, and other missions supporting the US Government and their territories on the Moon, Mars, and in space.

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