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Lieutenant Junior Grade Alex Ramirez

Name Alex Ramirez

Position Law Enforcement Division Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Race/Nationality Spanish/Italian
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'03
Weight 248
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A large man in strong physical condition, though deceptively fast, A former Division 1 Linebacker he takes pride in his appearance, though is not vain.


Father Esteban Ramirez(DECEASED)
Mother Allesandra Ramierez
Brother(s) Joseph Ramierez 21 UW-Madison Engineering student
Robert "Bobby" Rodriguez 16 Sophomore, Del Norte High School
Sister(s) Sara Espinoza (Maiden name Ramierez) Age 30, married 2 kids
Other Family Assorted nieces/nephews and cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Off duty he's an easy going man who seems to impact a rule of no worries

On duty he's much more put together, though with a weird sense of humor.
Hobbies & Interests Pick up football, Brazilian Ju-Jutsu, and Capoeira, also enjoys hiking and mountain climbing.

Warrant Officer/NCO Rating
Personal History Born in 2055 in Rio Rancho New Mexico, Alex had what some would describe as a normal upbringing, He went to school, and played football.

On his 18th birthday, his father was responding to an open door call on a late shift and was surprised a burglar, his father was killed instantly, the burglar, is currently serving a life without parole term in the Old Main prison in Santa Fe NM.

He went off to college, where he majored in psychology and history, he paid for his education with an athletic scholarship where he became first string linebacker, and an appearance in the Sugar Bowl. Rather then declare for the NFL draft his junior year he kept his promise to his father, and graduated. Once he graduated he was signed as an Undrafted Free Agent to the NFL's Birmingham Iron. He had a respectable 2 seasons, and ended up cut on his 24th birthday.
Service Record 2076: Graduated University of New Mexico Dual major History and Psychology
2076-2078: Signed with the Birmingham Iron, Middle Linebacker,
Record 2 starts, 10 apperances, 4 1/2 sacks, 1 INT 15 tackles.
2078: Commissioned: US Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement officer
2078-2078: Law Enforcement training, and lunar boarding certification
2079-2081: Emergency Reponse Unit: Luna Base
2081: Lt (jg) Law Enforcement officer.