Season 1 - Eighty-One, Eighty-Two

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Tensions between the US and China over their space economies is an ongoing issue. National sabre-rattling continues unabated. Meanwhile, the great Red Rush is on, with various private and national interests going forth to stake a claim to Mars. Quarantine runners are now an actual worry for the Coast Guard, as illness outbreaks on the Martian settlements could have disastrous effects given the long road back to Earth.

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Episode 1: Diligent

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Episode One of 16th Watch finds the crew of the USCGC Diligent enjoying their last days on Earth before taking the five day journey up the space elevator to the Tether Station where the cutter awaits her crew. Diligent then begins some basic shakedown exercises, some basic law enforcement operations, and transits to her homeport of Perry Crater on the Moon.