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The crew of the USCGC Diligent share tales of their past prior to serving aboard the cutter.

Season Special Episodes
Start Date 29 Sep 2021 @ 12:00pm

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Title Timeline Location
Midnight Train
by Game Master Andrew & Chief Warrant Officer 2 Cresslyn Mueller
Date 2081-11-19 at 0015 Transcontinental MagLev
Any Given Sunday
by Lieutenant Junior Grade Alex Ramirez
Date 2076-09-20 at 1300 Lambeau Field Green Bay Wisconsin
The Room with a View
by Lieutenant Commander Reginald Hawthorn Jr & Commander Kylie Rhodes
Date 2075-11-10 at 2000 Tether Climber, Above Montana
View From The Curb
by Game Master Andrew
Date 2054-11-27 at 1850 Butte Metroplex, Montana
Memento Mori
by Lieutenant Commander Reginald Hawthorn Jr
Date 11-10-2080 at 1830 Cedar Pines Care Facility, Butte Metroplex, Montana

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