Any Given Sunday

Posted on 13 Nov 2021 @ 5:45pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Alex Ramirez

Episode: From our Past
Location: Lambeau Field Green Bay Wisconsin
Timeline: Date 2076-09-20 at 1300

The crowd was electric, the bleachers shook, this stadium had stood over 120 years, and still had the same style of seating, if not the original bleachers.

Today was not a hugely important game in the standings, the Birmingham Iron was a part of the AFC South, while the Packers, one of the oldest teams in the league still were part of the NFC North, so while it counted for the standings, losing this game wasn’t the same as an in-conference game. So when he was standing by the bench pacing, Alex Ramirez was watching the offensive formations trying to anticipate in his own mind what the defense would do based on the playbook he had been committing to memory.

The violence on the field was as old as time, the only difference these days were better padding and rules to make a game of controlled violence as safe as they could make it. Injuries still happened and were considered an unfortunate part of the game. But what medicine could treat was much more than in the early days.

The bodies on the field crashed into each other and the quarterback threw the ball for a short 6 yard gain, but then the whistles became frantic and the trainer, coach, and team doctor ran onto the field, along with some of the local teenagers who brought the bottles of water out to the players. One of the equipment staff handed him his helmet which had been sitting on a side table, “It’s Big Mo.”

“Shit.” The butterflies came up and started making themselves known. Before he could head back, one of the linebackers coaches jogged over, “Ramirez, get ready you’re going in.”

Before Alex could even utter a word the large man grabbed him by the shoulder pads, “You got this kid, just like practice. That’s all this is, go in there and smash the son of a bitch with the ball. “

“Yes, coach.” He jogged on the field, as ‘Big Mo’ or Mohammed Hassan, a team and fan favorite was being helped off. The veteran linebacker stopped for a second to wish him well, “Good luck rook, you got this, and if you have a chance, blast number 75 on his ass.”

“You got it Mo, I’m just keeping your spot warm. You’ll be back.”

“Damn straight, but right now, it’s your spot.”

Alex just nodded, not sure what to even say but he headed into the defensive huddle. The defensive captain known as a fierce defensive end, and in his off time a Baptist minister Asked him, “Ramirez, you know what to do right?”

“Smash the son of a bitch with the ball.”

There were light chuckles, “That’s the size of it.” Andre Houser, put his helmet close to Alex’s as they headed to the position “You got this kid, God will protect you. Just get the guy with the ball.”

They lined up and the game continued.

“Blue 28, Blue 28 Set, Set, Green 18 Set hike!” The ballet of football began, the play was a stop blitz, the safeties dropped back along with corner backs in case the ball was thrown, but the ends and linebackers charged forward, the satisfying ‘pop’ of pads striking as the young man collided with an offensive tackle who tried to stop him but he had a step on him and kept his promise knocking him flat on his ass, then he watched number 8, the quarterback scramble to the left then right

Then BAM, Alex collided with him, wrapped him up, and brought him to the ground, Then even better the ball came out, which was fallen on by the defensive end, who curled up protecting the live fumble.

The crowd cheered, well a portion of them did.