Posted on 15 Dec 2021 @ 1:27pm by Commander Kylie Rhodes & Lieutenant Commander Reginald Hawthorn Jr & Lieutenant Junior Grade Alex Ramirez & Chief Warrant Officer 2 Cresslyn Mueller

Episode: Episode 1: Diligent
Location: USCGC Diligent, Ward Room
Timeline: Date 2081-11-01 at 0800

The Diligent crew had been together for near a year now, the cutter had been commissioned almost a month, they were about to get underway to do some trials, some training, and to relocate the cutter from the tether station attached to Earth to their home port on Luna. Each member of the crew had been afforded a couple weeks leave on Earth to visit with family and friends prior to their departure and their full three to four year tour of duty on the 16th Watch.

The Sixteenth Watch essentially meant that they’d been assigned to duty in Space. It was a colloquial term that had been created in years past by NASA and the Military because of the sixteen sunrises that the International Space Station saw each and every day.

Commander Kylie Rhodes entered the Ward Room going for her morning coffee and breakfast. Most of the crew and most of the senior staff were actually on Earth right now getting ready to return to the crawler so they could get underway to Luna in about a week. It would take the crew five days to make it to the station where the ship was located and then to give everyone time to settle in and prepare they’d depart early the next morning almost a maritime tradition as space had grown to follow.

“Good morning all,” she said, looking around at those present. “How was everyone’s night?” Kylie didn’t think that any of them had been on watch the night before so that would have meant they all had gotten a decent night’s sleep in or at least potentially would have. Docked at the station they followed Earth’s normal rotation so other than being a bit lighter than normal they were still experiencing natural gravity. She made her way straight to the coffee pot.

Alex had his first cup in hand, "Not too bad, did get to watch a near real time game, Lost to London, defense needs some work ma'am."

Cresslyn had been on duty for two hours and thus far, everything was running smoothly. She had left her family a week a prior. There had of course been tears from her eldest, but promises of video chats and emails had halted that. Her family understood her assignment and while it was difficult for them, they were supportive of her and her job. She glanced at the watch on her wrist, 0800 hours...she glanced around the watch station and smiled, she had gotten to know some of the crew already, they seemed eager and ready for departure.

Since they were tethered, she stood up for and headed down to the ward room to grab a cup of coffee. She stepped in and looked around the room and headed for the coffee and smiled as Reggie said that they wanted to get underweigh. She couldn't disagree. She nodded to Kylie "Commander." She said as she downed the cup and headed back.

"Bos'n," Kylie said, with a smile.

"Gettin' antsy, Ma'am. My team is chompin' at the bit to take the Diligent off pier-side power and energise the fusion reactor instead of running simulations," Reggie said as he sipped his own coffee. "Sim's that in only one case resulted in us thermally reducing local space to itty bitty bits because of a containment breach. Other than that we're just running down the last few squawks on the list, flickering light panels, enlisted mess's vending machine is speaking Ukrainian. Stuff like that,"

"The vending machine talks?" Kylie asked, surprised. Though she was also surprised that it had a vending machine.

"Oh yeah. I tried excising the programming demon inside that meant to sing a little jingle with each sale and suggest products to folk. Apparently, under some pretty slick coding, there is a tiny tracksuit wearing Slavic type that loves his baba," Reggie sighed. "Like I said, it's on the squawk list right behind some flickering light panels. Reactors, life support, and the centripetal gravity spool system is at 100%. We're good to go from a purely mechanical standpoint."

"Well, we can probably just shut the voice off for now and focus on the light panels. I'm glad we are prepared to leave the old man will be pleased," she said. "I am going to be conducting a full cutter inspection starting today or tomorrow... depends when I get through some other matters." It was common place before getting underway for the CO, XO, or both to completely see every space of a cutter from top to bottom. "If you have any bored fireman let me know."

"Aya Ma'am, you'll be the first," Reggie said and leaned back in his seat. He then clicked his fingers. "That reminds me, Jay Gee Ramirez? I got something delivered down to the machine shop that I think is for you and your boys. I can have a few of my deck thumpers bring it up, but I think you'll want to travel down to working folk-country and see what the nice folks down planet side got for you."

Alex chuckled, "I'll head down I'm curious too. "

"What did we get?" Kylie asked, curious.

"Ship's mascot," Reggie said with a grin. "I'll forward the spec's, but sufficed to say it's a top tier piece of tech that puts that fancy zero geo coffee machine over yonder to shame."

That, of course, was a blatant lie. Reggie had been overheard some mornings promising that coffee machine that were they in Federal Canada he'd make it his bride.

"Alright, well I'm tagging along then," Kylie said, "I'll come back for my breakfast," she said, returning to the coffee pot to top off what she'd drank from the mug. "Lead the way Reggie. Mueller you coming too?"

As if on cue the 1MC came to life with a bit of static before a voice announced, "attention attention, Executive Officer and Duty Officer your presence is requested on the bridge. Executive Officer and Duty Officer your presence is requested on the bridge."

"I'll meet you down there," Kylie said, with a quick sigh.