Canon Technology

Created by Lieutenant Commander Reginald Hawthorn Jr on 15 Sep 2021 @ 1:33pm

No Holographic Displays: Clarity of information is key, as is clear control of a spacecraft. Holographic's might look pretty, but see-through panels and buttons that you can't use without power are useless. The only time holographic controls look good is on the SciFi channels of The Spheres. HUD displays on hard shell helmets, all others are oLED displays with physical backup controls. Sextant work in space.

Wrist Patch: An all in one biometric ID linked to both banking and national databases, as well as medical information.

Smart Phone: A ubiquitous name for a personal communication device, used for both voice and text transmission, as well as data access from available networks. Some are small, sleek, and stylish. Others are more rugged and hardwaring.

Gasoline-powered vehicles are reserved for the rich, who can afford the taxes and cost of fuel following the CLimate Cliff. The same goes for air travel, though the rise in suborbital travel has allowed the middle class this luxury.

Public transport is relegated to high-speed magnetic levitation, providing commuter speeds on par with pre-Climate Cliff air travel.

Graphene battery technology has advanced to practical levels for high endurance needs, with China's growing biosynthetic industry leading the way in this technology. Many cities have battery banks that can, at need, power them for many weeks at peak capacity, a legacy from the Climate Clif years.

Fusion Power Plants are large scale industrial machines able to use Helium 3 as a fuel source. This clean energy source has been hailed as the saviour of the planet, but only with continued access to the rare non-radioactive isotype found most commonly in the Luna regolith.

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