World Powers & Notable Space Capable Organizations

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United States of America

A major superpower in the Second Space Race. A world leader in electronics and space hardware design. Little has changed in the United States since the turn of the 21st century, save for the succession of the California Free State and the inundation of Florida during the Climate Cliff. Many coastal cities are still affected by rising sea levels, and the country has become dependant on H3 mined from the moon for power generation.

Major Space Facilities

  • Freedom Space Tether Station (Military use space elevator, based in Montana)
  • The Millenium Tower Space Elevator (Civilian use space elevator, based in Texas.)
  • Shackleton Crater Power Transmission Station (Luna)
  • Perry Crater, USCG (Luna)
  • Artemis Station, USN (Lagrange Point 1)
  • Ares Gateway, USCG/USN (Mars)
  • People’s Republic of China

    Apart from still being the most populous country on Earth, China has the honour of being the first nation on Earth to successfully build a space elevator. China leads the way in the development of biosynthetic materials, such as mould cultured graphene nanotubes. This high tensile material is a mainstay of China's export market.

    Major Space Facilities

  • Shangha Tether Station (Military/Civlian use based in Shangha)i
  • Shenglong Tether Sation(Military use, based in the Gobi Desert)
  • Fuzanglong Mineral Extraction Site (PLAN/Civlian settlement, Luna)
  • Zhulong Fleet Base, PLAN (Lagrange Point 2)
  • Chilong Fleet Base, PLAN (Mars)
  • United Russian Bloc States

    (Russia, Black Sea States, Turkey, North Syria, Sub Saharan Africa.)

    Where the major world powers looked up to the stars, those who could not join in the Second Space Race looked at the ground they stood upon. With the Climate Cliff destabilising much of the world's economy from the 2030s right up to the present day, many smaller nations affected by this banded together to form an economic union. This union was formalised by the Treat of Minsk, where the union's official title of United Russian Bloc States was given. The USBS' economic focus has been on mass food production, with the northern Russian states now freed from permafrost providing a bounty in arable land. With this surplus of food, it has become the breadbasket for much poorer nations below the equator, with USBS diplomats and ambassadors making great inroads into the African continent.

    Major Space Facilities

  • High Vladivostok Space Tether Station, Civilian/Military (Somalia)
  • Vpered Station, Civilian/Miltary (Lagrange Point 5)

    European Commonwealth

    The successor body to the European Union/Common Market, following a wave of failed and successful successions in the early 2020's, the EC has pivoted on its high tech industrial base to jump-start its economy following the Climate Cliff. Beset with nationalist fundamentalists, many of whom associate themselves with the November Faction, the EC's focus has been on rebuilding and securing its place on Earth. This has not stopped it from expanding a narrow presence to the Martian surface in the form of Port Mobius.

    Pan Pacific Alliance

    (Australian, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Samoa, Japan, Korea, the Independent Californian State)

    A strategic and economic alliance set up as a buffer to growing tensions between the United States of America and the Peoples Republic Of China. It has, at this time, no strategic interests in the growing orbital industrial sector.


    Taiwan has officially been recognized by all but the People's Republic of China as an independent nation using the name of Republic of China (ROC) as the government's official name. The Taiwanese Government is heavily supported by the United States of America as well as the European Commonwealth. Taiwan's space agency is being directly supported by the US Government and US Coast Guard Personnel are in country advising on training programs for their Coast Guard's space operations. This is an additional source of tension between the PRC and the other powers of Earth.

    The November Faction

    During the early 2030s with massive worldwide disruption on social order due to the Climate Cliff, many dissident and insurrectionist movements gained traction. Doomsday cults, terrorist organisations, criminal syndicates, all used the disruption in order to further their own goals. The dirty bomb attack on Sarajevo, as well as the use of chemical weapons in several Western nation metroplexes, are the more publicly known atrocities of the time.

    One of the more efficient and ruthless factions that have stood the test of time is the November Faction, a quazi political/social movement whose core tenants revolve around returning the earth to a more sustainable way of life. A lack of industrialisation, and a return to a more agrarian style societal structure, are ideals unhinged from the reality of actual practicality. This has not stopped numerous protests, demonstrations, and riots against ongoing industrial growth across the globe.

    Attacks on industrial hubs, and public events, are common targets of opportunity for November Faction cells. Perhaps their most public known act of violence was the attempted assassination of numerous world leaders attending a summit on the Freedom Space Tether Station. A black market nuclear device was loaded into a suborbital shuttle bound from Mumbai to Anchorage and was deployed at the apogee of its orbit. Only the activation and use of the US Strategic Defence Network’s OCULUS System stopped the attack. To this day the founders, leaders and members of the November Faction are the most wanted across the globe.

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